Step 3.2 Edit Categories - Category Rewrites for Search Ads

The  edit categories button allows you to rewrite categories to make the language used in keyword and ads more relevant to the way in which potential customers search for your products.

After clicking  edit categories a window will pop up with a spreadsheet allowing you to make rewrites.

This can take a few seconds to load, as it is generating a Google Sheets document based on your live inventory data.

You will then see a screen similar to the below:

There are three ways in which you can rewrite a category:

  • Exclude - Excluding a category is used to avoid using categories which are not relevant to AdWords advertising.
    • This is done by selecting Exclude in the action column, in the row containing the category you wish to exclude

A shoe website has products categorised as  new season products. This name is good for the website, as customers are already on the website, have demonstrated an interest in shoes and have the context to know that this category refers to new season shoes.
However, the keyword  new season does not make sense for the AdWords campaigns and shoes in this category are better advertised using terms including style and colour, etc. For example black leather boots

As a result, the category  new season should be excluded.

  • Variation - Using a variation allows you add additional terms which will be used alongside the original value.
    • This is done by entering the variations in the variation 1 and variation 2 columns in the row for which the variations are to be applied
    • The action column should be left blank if you only wish to add variations

An electronics website has a category of product called  computer monitors. However, people may also search for PC monitors, which refers to the same group of products.
By adding a variation of PC monitors, any time an ad group, keyword or ads for computer monitors is created an ad group, keyword or ad for PC monitors will also be created.

  • Replace - Replace is a combination of Exclude and Variation. The original value excluded and a new one used in its place. Replace can be used in combination with variation
    • To using replace: select replace in the action column and inputting the replacement in the replacement column, for the row for which the replacement is to be applied
    • To use variations with replace: add variations in the variation 1 and variation 2 columns, alongside the replacement

An apparel website has a category called  skirts. In the context of the website, this makes sense, as it comes under the category of Women's.
However, for the AdWords campaign, this category should be  replaced with Women's Skirts.
Additionally, a variation of Ladies' Skirts can be added to reach people searching using different language.

Once done, click save in the pop-up window to save your category rewrites.

Common Errors and Solutions
Duplicate Value Detected: This occurs when you have the same variation or replacement present more than once. Resolve it by only having each term present once in the variations and replacements.

Next Steps
Review your inventory for any inventory feed errors in  Step 3. Inventory.