Automated Campaign Updates

Automated AdWords Campaign Updates

Building an AdWords campaign is a vital first step to advertising in Google. But over time your website will change and your performance will drop, as you pay to advertise products, brands and categories no longer in stock, and miss out on advertising newly added products, brands and categories.

Dynamic Creative’s Ad Automation will automatically update your AdWords campaigns using the data from your website feed. Whenever a new product or category is added to your website and appears in your feed, Dynamic Creative will automatically create new campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords and ad extensions to match. On the other hand, as items go out of stock, Dynamic Creative will automatically pause ad groups that are no longer relevant, so that you don’t pay for ads that will not result in a sale.

Automated Google Merchant Center Product Feed Updates

In order to show ads in Google Shopping, you must list all of your products in Google Merchant Center. Google review all new Merchant Center feeds and compare the data with what is found on your website to make sure it matches. They also periodically review your feed. Google will disapprove any items that show incorrect prices, meaning they will no longer show in Google Shopping. If too many products are out of date, they will disapprove the entire feed and none of your products will show.

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