Step 3.3 Inventory Feed Errors

Dynamic Creative uses an inventory feed to keep your website and your campaigns synchronised. When your website updates, so do your campaigns.

If your inventory feed does not match the required format, this will result in a schema error. If your products are missing data that will help your campaigns to perform better, this will result in a validation error.

Individual Product Errors

Most schema errors relate to individual products; in this case, only the products with errors will be omitted from your search and shopping campaigns.

Product errors are usually corrected by updating the product data on your website. Click on the help icon next to each error for details on how to fix it.

Click on the help icon for more details about your error.

Whole Feed Errors

Sometimes, however, the errors are so significant that no products can be read from your feed. In this case, you will see an error message that says, 'Your feed failed to download. You must fix the errors listed below before continuing.'

Correcting whole feed errors will usually require assistance from a feed developer. You should contact for help.