Prioritise your Shopify Collections

In this step of the integration process, you will be prioritising each collection on your Shopify website as well as specifying your website category.

Website Category

Your website category should describe the products for sale on your website in the most specific way possible while still encompassing all products.


  • A website selling furniture, wall canvases, candles and bed linen would be best described as Home Decor.
  • A website selling just bed linen would be best described as Bed Linen.
  • A website selling just bed linen from France would be best described as French Bed Linen.
Extended SKU
The extended SKU option allows you to modify the format of SKUs in your product feed. When enabled your SKUs will be a combination of product and variant IDs plus the country of sale. We recommend enabling this option if you wish to run Dynamic Remarketing campaigns using this feed.

Collection Priorities

This will affect how your products are grouped in your shopping campaigns and your keywords & ads for search campaigns. When creating the feed, Dynamic Creative will categorise each product under the highest collection in which a product is grouped.

Best practice for this is to prioritise specific categories which describe what the product is in the most specific way that is not the manufacturer. The reason for not prioritising manufacturer categories is that the brand of your products will be picked up from the Vendor field in Shopify instead.


  • An eCommerce website has three relevant categories for Televisions: Electronics, LED Televisions and Samsung Televisions
    • Electronics describes what the product is, but is not very specific, so should not be categorised highly.
    • Samsung Televisions describes the product in specific terms, but in terms of the brand
    • LED Televisions describes the product in specific terms and does not refer to the brand

  • Our recommended categorisation is
    • LED Televisions
    • Electronics
    • Samsung Televisions
You can view a walkthrough of this process below, for both the Ad Builder Feed App and Shopify App.

Ad Builder Feed App

Shopify App

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