Integrate Your Shopify Website

In order to create live Google Shopping and Search campaigns with Dynamic Creative, you need to create a link between your website and Dynamic Creative. This allows Dynamic Creative to update the availability and price of your ads automatically. At the end of this process, you will have:

  • Generated API access credentials to link your Shopify site with Ad Builder
  • Set up Ad Builder to extract product data from your website
  • Created a Product Feed for use with Dynamic Creative Ad Builder

Generating a Shopify API Key & Password

The API key is required to interact with the Shopify system API to fetch product details. To create an API key:

From your Shopify admin section, navigate to Apps.
Click on Manage private apps.

Click on Create new private app.
In the description section enter a private app name.

We recommend Dynamic Creative Shopify Feed
In permissions, select the options as pictured below:
Click Save .
Copy the generated API key and password for use in the next step.

Generating the Feed

If you have not completed the first 2 steps of the campaign build process, go to the  Dynamic Creative Ad Builder and complete  Step 1 and  Step 2.

You should now be on  Step 3. Inventory. Select Shopify from the list of website platforms and click Connect.

Authenticate your Dynamic Creative account using the same account you use to log in to Dynamic Creative Ad Builder.
On the  Feed Creation - Shopify page, enter the following:

  • Website Domain - This is the URL to the homepage of your site 
  • Shopify Domain - This is the website domain including a '.myshopify' extension
  • The API Key and Password you created in Generating an API Key and Password earlier

If you get an error, review the API details to double check they correct. If everything appears correct, use the help icon in the bottom left corner of the screen to get in contact with our support team.
If the test was successful click the arrow to proceed to the  Prioritise your Shopify Collections step.
Once you have prioritised your collections, click the next arrow to generate the feed. When the feed has finished generating, click the Use Feed button to return to Ad Builder.
Depending on your number of products and categories, feed generation could take some time. You can close the Build Feed screen at any point during generation. You can check on the status of your feed generation by returning to Step 3 Inventory.
Next Step
Once the feed is ready click  Close on the  Build Feed screen and Complete the remainder of  Step 3. Inventory

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