What are URLs and domain names?

A URL is the entire web address used to access a web page. This includes the website's domain. 

A domain name is a unique address you type into your internet browser to access a website. It is a combination of numbers and (or) letters that end with a domain name extension such as .com or .net. This is not the same thing as a website, which is a group of connected web pages that share a domain name. 

www.yourbrand.com is a domain name. 

https://www.yourbrand.com/sale is a URL. 

Does my website have to be secure?

Having a secure website is a requirement of Google Merchant Center's policies and without it, you won't be able to advertise with Google Shopping campaigns. It is strongly suggested for advertising with Google Search campaigns. A secure website helps protect your users' data and provides a private browsing experience.

Secure websites begin with the protocol 'https'. To secure your website you must install an SSL certificate. For more information about how to do this, click here

What format should my URL be in?

To connect with Dynamic Creative's Ad Platform, enter your online store's URL in its correct form. Use the format shown below:

Note that the URL starts with the protocol 'https' and does not end with a '/'. 

Avoid using the URL your ecommerce store was created with. This might be a  yourdomain.ecommerceprovider.com domain or similar. For more information about how to register a domain name click here