Add your Website to Ad Builder

Adding your Website to Ad Builder

To add your website to Dynamic Creative Ad Builder, login to Dynamic Creative Ad Builder using an appropriate Google account and click the blue + icon in the bottom right corner of the page.

Step 1. Website Details

  • Website Name: Enter the name of your website as you would like it to appear in your Ads
  • Website URL: Enter the homepage URL of your website. Check that the protocol (http or https) is correct. The URL should not end in a '/'.

Step 2. Analytics Account

Note: In order to complete this step you need to have a Google Analytics account set up for your website

This step involves linking your websites Google Analytics account to Dynamic Creative Ad Builder. This ensures that Ad Builder can view and manage your Google Analytics configuration and data to ensure your get the best performance from your Ads. To link Analytics to Ad Builder, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Login and select the Google Account which is linked to the Google Analytics account for your website.

  2. Click Allow to allow Dynamic Creative Ad Builder to:
    • Manage Google Analytics Account users by email address
    • Edit Google Analytics management entities
  3. Once complete, click Save

Congratulations! You have now added your website to Dynamic Creative Ad Builder!

Next Steps

Now that you have added your website to Ad Builder, you will need to upload your websites inventory to be able to begin generating your Ads. To add your website inventory, see our Create a Website Inventory guide.

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