Step 4.2 Optimising Your Google Shopping Product Titles

One of the most important factors controlling whether your Google Shopping ads will be shown is the relevance of the product titles compared to what people are searching for. Google rewards you for having matching keywords at the start of your product titles by making it more likely that those ads will be shown.

optimise your product titles

Consider a search for ‘rc wi-fi drone’. The first 5 results all have the searched keyword ‘rc’ at the start of their title and all of the other keywords appearing somewhere in the product title. This is what Google wants because it gives the best experience for the person searching… and, not coincidentally, the best chance of converting into a sale!

But what if your product titles do not fit Google’s expectations?

One of Dynamic Creative’s strengths lies in its use of categories. These categories are deliberately chosen to line up with what people search for, which means they can be used as a prefix to your existing product titles to give better results in Google Shopping.

To do this, go into your Retail Search build and make your way to the Build Settings step. Click on the link next to Merchant Center Feed. This will open up a spreadsheet listing all of the categories in your inventory. For each category that you want to supplement product titles, select an entry from the Title Prefix column that matches the best format for that category.

Once you have saved, the next time your Merchant Center feed generates, your product titles will include the category data at the start. Don’t worry if some of the products in each category are missing some attributes – anything that is missing will just be skipped over.

For best SEO results, you will ultimately want to push these titles back into your website data. Once you have done this, you can come back here and select ‘Leave Title Unchanged’.

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