Publishing a Google Shopping Build

Publishing a build is the process of sending the generated content from your Ad Build to Google Ads. For a Google Shopping Build, your generated content is comprised of campaigns, ad groups, ads and product groups. Ad Builder will then regularly update this content based on updates to your website inventory.

Before You Continue
In order to publish a Google Shopping Build to Google Ads, you will need:

In order to advertise your products successfully in Google Shopping you will also need to upload an Ad Builder generated Google Merchant Product Feed to your Merchant Center Account. If you haven't created and uploaded one already, please see our   Creating a Google Merchant Product Feed guide before you proceed.  

Publishing your Google Shopping Build

To publish a google shopping build, navigate to your Google Shopping Build detail card on your website overview screen and click the publish icon to start the publication walkthrough.

Step 1. Preview your Ads

Here you can view a summary of the content which will be published to Google Ads and a preview of how your Ads will look in Google. You can use the arrow to the right of the Ad previews to view the full set of your Ad previews.

Step 2. Terms & Conditions

In order to continue you will need to read and accept our  terms & conditions by ticking the checkbox. When ready, click the Publish button.

Step 3. Payment Information

If prompted, enter your payment information to set up your Ad Builder subscription and click subscribe.

If you have already set up your Ad Builder subscription, or if your subscription has been set up through your website platform (Shopify, Ecwid & Neto) then this step will be skipped and your content will be published to Google Ads.

Next Steps

Once published, Ad Builder will update your Google Ads content whenever there are changes to your website content or build configuration. You can also manually trigger a publication of your build content by clicking the publish icon on your Google Shopping Ad Build card found on the website overview screen.

Enabling your Ads in Google Ads

Ad Builder will publish your campaigns in the paused state and all other content as enabled. Therefore, to begin advertising in Google, you will need to enable the campaigns you wish to advertise. Remember, you will need to have a Google Merchant Product Feed uploaded to Merchant Center in order for your Google Ads Shopping Campaigns to advertise your products.

Managing your Bids and Budgets in Google Ads

Ad Builder will publish your content with the default bid and budget settings that you selected when first creating your Google Shopping Ad Build. Once your build has published for the first time, you will need to manage your bids and budgets from within Google Ads.

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