Uploading a Google Promotions Feed to Merchant Center

Before You Continue
In order to upload a Google Promotions Feed to Merchant Center you will need:

Uploading your Promotions Feed

Step 1. Copy your Feed URL

First, navigate to your advertising feed card on your website overview screen and copy your feed URL. Your feed URL is available through the feed URL button on your advertising card highlighted in the screenshot below.

Step 2. Create a Promotions Feed in Merchant Center

Go to your  Merchant Center account, navigate to the Promotions > Feeds and click the + button to add your promotions feed (as shown in the screenshot below)

Fill in the appropriate information on each step. On step 2, select Scheduled fetch as the fetch method. When you reach Step 3. Setup, ensure you have set the Fetch Frequency to Daily and paste your feed URL in to the File URL field (see screenshot below).

Note: We recommend a daily fetch time of 2:00AM, GMT +09:30.

Note: You do not need to enter a username or password.

Once complete, click Continue to save your feed. Google Merchant Center will now process your products and notify you of any errors/warnings relating to your product data.

Next Steps

In order to advertise your products in Google, you will also need to generate and publish a Google Shopping Campaign Ad Build. If you have not yet created a Google Shopping Campaign Ad Build see our  Creating a Google Shopping Campaign guide.

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