Step 4.1 Edit Your Brand Narrative

Your company has a unique story, and this should be reflected in your ads. The following information about your store will be woven into the search ads Dynamic Creative generates, depending on context.

 This is a category that covers all of the items offered on your website. Try to be as specific as possible, while still including everything you sell. For example, if you only sell children's clothing, choose "Children's Clothing" or "Children's Fashion" rather than just "Clothing".

 Describe your website or company in more detail. This will form the first part of the ad description for ads for your store name and website category so should describe your store in a way which your customers are likely to find compelling.

Headline &
Description USP
 A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is something that distinguishes you from your competitors. These will be used for your category based ads so should be applicable to all products for sale on your site.

 The selected currency affects the currency symbol used in ads with live pricing. Select the one appropriate for the region your campaigns will be targeting.
Brand Narrative Settings Dynamic Creative

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