Getting Started with Dynamic Creative Ad Builder

Welcome to the Dynamic Creative Ad Builder!

Creating high-value advertising for your online store is hard work. Your stock is constantly changing in price and availability, your competitors are always doing something new, and Google itself is always changing. There is a lot to do and never enough time to do it all.

Ad Builder saves you time and effort by automatically generating and updating a shopping ad for every in-stock product on your site and an expanded text ad for every combination of category, brand and product filter on your site. 


Getting Started

To get you up and running in Google Ads using Ad Builder, you will need to perform the following steps:

Step 1. Add your Website

For steps on how to add your website to Ad Builder see our Adding a Website guide.

Step 2. Add your Inventory

Ad Builder can extract your websites inventory through direct integration for our  supported eCommerce platforms or through a detailed product feed. For steps on how to add your inventory to Ad Builder through either of these methods see our Create a Website Inventory guide.

Step 3. Create your First Ad Build

Expanded Text Ads

If you would like to create expanded text ads for every combination of your websites categories, brands and product filters (size, colour, model etc) then you will need to generate a Google Search Ad Build. For steps on how to do this, see our  Creating a Google Search Campaign Ad Build guide.

Google Shopping Ads

If you would like to create a Google shopping ad for every stocked product on your website, you will need to generate a Google Shopping Ad Build and an accompanying Google Merchant Product Feed. For steps on how to do this, see our  Create a Google Shopping Ad Build guide & our Creating a Google Merchant Product Feed guide.

Step 4. Publish your Ad Build

The last step is to publish your content to Google Ads! To publish your Ad Build you can use the following guides:


You are now ready to enable your campaigns in Google Ads!

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