Step 4.6 Promotion Extensions

Promotion extensions add more value to your Search Network text ads by highlighting your sales and promotions for people that are searching for the best deals your business has to offer.

This feature will only work if you have promotions defined in your inventory. This happens automatically for our  integrated platforms, but will require some development work for other platforms. Email to discuss your options.

Adding Promotion Extensions To Your Campaigns

To add promotion extensions to your search campaigns:

Open your Ad Build in Dynamic Creative
Go to the Build Settings step
Scroll down the page until you find the Ad Extensions section
Click on the checkbox next to Promotions

To select which promotions from your website should be included in your search campaigns:

Click on the cog next to Merchant Promotions Feed.
Click the check boxes next to any promotions that should be included in your search campaigns. 

If you want any new promotions you add to your site to be advertised automatically, tick the checkbox next to Include all new promotions in feed.
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