Lodging a Support Ticket

If you run into any issues in using the Dynamic Creative Ad Builder our friendly support team are happy to help. You can do this as follows:

Navigate to the page within Dynamic Creative Ad Builder where you are encountering the issue.
If the issue does not directly appear on one of the pages navigate to the most relevant page.
e.g. if the issue relates to the feed, navigate to Step 3 - Inventory. if the issue relates to ads, navigate to Step 5 - Preview.
Lodging the support ticket from within Ad Builder gives the support team contextual information, helping us resolve your ticket as effectively as possible.
Click on the beacon located at the bottom left of the page, as pictured below.
The beacon will expand to show a selection of recommended articles related to the page which you are viewing, as well as a search bar to assist in finding other articles which may assist you. If support articles do not help with your issue, click the Send a message button.

To help us give you the best response possible, we ask that support enquiries include the following:

  • Problem - A description of what is happening
  • Resolution - A description of what you would like to be happening instead
    • Sometimes this will be pretty straightforward and that’s okay!
      • e.g. if the problem is that your shopping feed is not generating, the resolution is getting your shopping feed to generate
      • However for more complex matters, having a clear goal for us to work towards ensures that we help in best way possible
  • Anything you’ve tried - You may have already tried a few solutions from support articles.  Letting us know anything you have tried will help us diagnose the issue faster
Click send! You should receive a response from our support team within 1 business day.