Setup Google Analytics for Your WooCommerce Webstore

Setting up Google Analytics for Your WooCommerce Webstore

Google Analytics needs to be linked to your WooCommerce eCommerce platform to track useful user activity such as sales activity, page views, website calls, form submissions and any other data you may find relevant to your AdWords campaigns.

From your WordPress Dashboard:
Install the WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration plugin found  Here
From your WordPress dashboard navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Integration
Copy and Paste your Analytics ID into the corresponding field:
  1. You will need to replace UA- XXXXX -X with your Google Analytics ID
    1. To retrieve your Google Analytics Tracking Id follow this guide: Retrieve Your Google Tracking ID and Global Site Tag.
  2. Optionally you can add your domain name.
Ensure the options below are all ticked:
  1. Enable Standard Tracking
  2. "Display Advertising" Support
  3. Use Enhanced Link Attribution
  4. Enable Universal Analytics
  5. Purchase Transactions
  6. Add to Cart Events
Scroll to the bottom of the page and Click 'Save changes'

Congratulations! You've successfully linked your WooCommerce store with your Google Analytics account.

Next Steps
To return to the Conversion Tracking Setup documentation follow this link:  How to Setup Conversion Tracking for Your E-Commerce Store

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