Step 4.2 Editing Your Inventory Campaign Ad Copy

For your inventory based campaigns, you need to customise the ad copy to be used for each combination of category and product attributes (colour, size, etc). Click on the text icon next to one of the inventory campaign rows to begin.

For combinations of Website Name and Category, ad copy is inherited from your Brand Narrative settings. As a result, you only need to map the landing pages.

Upon clicking the text icon, a window like the one pictured below will pop up; this is where you can customise the copy for your category ads.

Each of the elements highlighted in grey is a dynamic element which changes based on your website data. The Description Prefix and Description Suffix are static text which comes before and after the category in the description of your ad.

You can customise the prefix and suffix for each combination of category and product attribute. You should be mindful of the 80 character limit for ad descriptions.

Character Limits
For the Colour, Second Category ad, the description USP uses 22 characters and the longest combination of Colour,  Second Category (Charcoal Women's Blouses) uses 26 characters. This means that the prefix and suffix can be a combined maximum of (80 - 26 - 22) = 32 characters.


The below is an example of a dynamic Ad produced by the above template. The description prefix and description  suffix are highlighted in green. Dynamic elements in the ad, which come from the feed created in step 3, are as follows:
Colour - Pink
SecondCategory - Women's Blouses
PriceFromPrefix - From
Price - $99
The final portion of the description comes from the description USP entered in the brand narrative section. Putting this all together produces the below ad. Ads for each combination of category and product attributes present in your feed are created.

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