Setup Referral Exclusions for Google Analytics

When a customer lands on your website via an external source, such as an AdWords ad, search engine or another domain, a session is created for that customer which tracks information regarding how the customer was referred to your site. This external source is known as a source. By tracking source in Google Analytics you are able to track your AdWords ad performance by recording all referrals made by your ads and subsequently recording if a successful purchase/conversion was made as a result of that source.

However, when a customer wishes to pay via an external payment portal such as PayPal or AfterPay, they are directed away from your site to perform the payment before redirecting them to your checkout success page at which point a new referral session is made attributing the purchase to the payment portal instead of the original source.

To ensure purchases made by customers are attributed to the correct referrer you must set up referral exclusions to ensure a new session is not created when the customer attempts to pay via an external payment portal such as PayPal or AfterPay.

Navigate to your Admin Settings panel
Navigate to Tracking Info > Referral Exclusion List
Click + Add Referral Exclusion
Enter the name of the domain you wish to exclude. A list of common payment gateways includes the following domains:
Your own domain
e &
g &
You can find other unhelpful referrals by navigating to Acquisition > All Traffic > Referrals in the sidebar to see if any payment portals are registering transactions
Click Create when you are done.

Congratulations! You've successfully Set up Referral Exclusions for your Google Analytics account.

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