Step 5. Preview (Shopping)

The preview step displays the content of your Ad Build which will be published to AdWords. This page is particularly useful for previewing how your Ads will look in Google. This page includes a summary card for every generated ad group. Each ad group summary card includes:

  • A preview of each display ad
  • A list of detailed ad previews (viewed by clicking the list icon at the bottom of the card)
Tip: Use the left and right arrows either side of the ad previews to scroll through the ads for each ad group.

Detailed Ad List

A full list of detailed ad previews can be viewed by clicking the list icon at the bottom of the card. This will display a popup similar to the screenshot below. This screen shows ad previews in the format that Google will display them in Google Shopping.

Next Steps
If you are happy with the content that will be published to AdWords, click the next button to proceed to  Step 6. Publish.