Welcome to the Dynamic Creative Ad Builder

Welcome to the Dynamic Creative Ad Builder!

Creating high-value advertising for your online store is hard work. Your stock is constantly changing in price and availability, your competitors are always doing something new, and Google itself is always changing. There is a lot to do and never enough time to do it all.

Dynamic Creative helps your Google advertising by automating your Google Shopping & Search campaigns, by generating live ads with up to date pricing and availability. By automating campaign creation, you enjoy the benefits of high-value campaigns, without the hours of upkeep required to do it manually.

Below is a short video on the benefits of using Dynamic Creative Ad Builder.

Building ads through Dynamic Creative is a 6-step process. As our goal is to do the heavy lifting for you, this build process shouldn't take more than a couple of hours of your time. Once complete your campaigns will automatically stay in sync with changes to your website!

1. Website
1 min
Entering website details such as the name and URL.
2. AdWords
5 mins
Linking your AdWords account to Dynamic Creative.
You will need to know your  Customer ID. During the linking process, you will be sent an email inviting you to join the Dynamic Creative Manager Account (MCC). You will need to accept the link in AdWords so that Ad Builder can create ads on your behalf.
3. Inventory
10 mins
Creating the live link between your website and your advertising campaigns.
You will need to know your eCommerce platform, and have administrative access to create API keys or install plugins.
4. Build Settings
30 mins
Mapping your Google Shopping campaign categories and writing ad copy for your text ads.
You'll need your Merchant Center ID. If you haven't linked your Merchant Center and AdWords accounts, you'll need to do this in Merchant Center.
5. Preview
5 mins
Reviewing the campaigns Dynamic Creative has generated before publishing to your AdWords account.
6. Publish
1 min
Dynamic Creative publishing your new campaigns to AdWords.

You can stop and start this process, so can complete your campaign build in multiple sessions.

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