WooCommerce - Implementing Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking

  1. Install and activate the WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration plugin
  2. Go to the WordPress Dashboard > WooCommerce > Settings > Integration > Google Analytics
    screenshot of woocommerce google analytics settings
  3. Configure the following settings:
    1. Enter your Google Analytics UA-ID
    2. Enable the following settings
      1. Enable standard tracking
      2. Enable Universal Analytics
      3. Purchase Transactions
      4. Add to Cart Events
      5. Enable Enhanced eCommerce
    3. Save the plugin settings
  4. If you are not using Paypal as a payment gateway you can skip the below steps. You are done setting up eCommerce tracking!
  5. Log into Paypal, go to Profile > Profile & Settings > My Selling Tools > Website > Preferences > Update
    scnreeshot of paypal "my selling tools" settings
  6. On the Website Payment Preferences page, Turn On Auto Return and configure your Return URL as below
    1. https://yourdomain.com/checkout/order-received/?utm_nooverride=1Screenshot of PayPals Website payment preferences
    Note: The ?utm_nooverride=1 at the end of the URL ensures that the transactions appear under the correct traffic source rather than as coming from PayPal.
  7. Click save
  8. Your WooCommerce store is now tracking in your Google Analytics account

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