Creating a Google Shopping Dashboard

Why Use This Google Shopping Dashboard?

  1. It is configured to track ROAS as the primary and only goal
  2. Tracks performance on geography, device type, age, gender, time of day and day of month
  3. It is absolutely free to download and to use. All you need is an active Google Shopping Campaign
  4. It only tracks Google Shopping Campaigns – all other ad types have been filtered out (you can add other metrics if you wish)

Follow the steps below and you are minutes away from a real-time dashboard to track the performance of your AdWords campaigns in Google Data Studio.

How to Create a Dashboard for Your Shopping Campaigns

Google Data Studio allows you to automatically link data from Google services (such as AdWords, Analytics and more) in order to create dashboards or reports. A dashboard like this can be useful for keep a high level view on your Google Shopping campaigns in real time.

Dynamic Creative have a free to use Google Data studio template; in order to set this up for your Shopping campaigns, just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to (if you are not logged in, log into your Google account)
  2. Click on this link to take you to the Google Shopping Data Studio Dashboard template
  3. Make a copy of the document (pictured below) How to Create a Google Data Studio Dashboard for Adwords
  4. If prompted, go through the “Welcome to Google Data Studio” steps
    1. Terms and conditions
    2. Preferences for communication
  5. Create data sources for your analytics and adwords accounts
  6. Select AdWords as the connector    – Authorise Google Data Studio to access AdWords data
  7. Select your AdWords account and click connect
    1. Click add to report
    2. Click create report
  8. You now have an AdWords dashboard for your shopping campaigns!

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