Step 6. Publish

Before you publish your campaign into AdWords, you need to ensure that you set the default bid for this and future campaigns that are created automatically by Dynamic Creative:

Enter your Default Bid. This bid will be applied to all product groups or keywords for your published campaigns. You can customise these bids in AdWords once your campaigns have published. 
Enter your Default Daily Budget. This will be the daily budget for each campaign published. The total spending capacity of your campaigns will equal to the total number of campaigns multiplied by the daily budget.
e.g. 34 campaigns multiplied by $10 daily budget means the published campaigns could theoretically spend $340 per day.
You can customise budgets in AdWords once your campaigns have published.
To ensure that campaigns are not publish out with the incorrect bids and budgets, we do require that you edit bids and budgets before publish is enabled. You can also return to this page after publication to adjust the default bids and budgets for any campaign updates Dynamic Creative Ad Builder publishes.
If you accept the terms and conditions, click the checkbox.
Click the 'Rocket' icon to publish your Campaigns to AdWords. Your campaigns will publish to AdWords, usually within the next 60 minutes.
Your campaigns will publish as paused. This is to allow you to customise your bids and budgets and apply campaign settings such as geographic targeting, device bid adjustments, scheduling, etc. Once you have configured your campaign settings your campaigns are ready to be activated!

Next Steps
Step 6.1. After Publishing.