Step 4. Build Settings for Search Overview

The Build Settings screen for a search Ad build contains many options for you to improve the relevance of your search campaigns in Google AdWords. There are 3 main tasks to complete this step:

  • Mapping landing pages for your ads (world icons)
  • Defining brand narrative to be used in ad copy (text icons)
  • Defining ad extensions to be applied to your campaigns

Please see the related articles for more in-depth help on some of the items.

Brand Narrative Settings

These settings allow you to define the details of your brand that will be used in the other campaigns below. This includes the category that best describes your website, a description of what you sell, and two Unique Selling Propositions. You can also define the currency symbol that will be used in your search ads.

Brand Narrative Campaigns

These campaigns use the details entered in the settings above and you can choose the landing page to which these ads should point. This is generally your home page.

Inventory Campaigns

The Inventory Campaigns use the Brand Narrative Settings and the Inventory from step 3 to create campaigns for all categories on your website, using combinations of colours, size, brands with the categories from your website. These campaigns are then kept in sync with your website inventory automatically. 


Ad Extensions

It is strongly recommended to use the automated Ad Extensions provided by Dynamic Creative. Currently supported Ad Extensions are:

Advanced Settings

Keyword List

Dynamic Creative has built-in default keyword templates that you can change to suit your market if you choose. The prefix and suffix are wrapped around the elements of the feed such as "first category" or "brand second category".

Ad Headline List

In the ad templates created by Dynamic Creative, there are some words that you may like to change to suit your brand messaging, or translate to the language of your targeted advertising.

Once you have completed the above steps, click on the next button to move to Step 5. Preview.

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