Step 4. Build Settings for Shopping Overview

In order to create and upload your Google Shopping feed, you will need to link your Merchant Center Account, confirm that your AdWords and Merchant Center accounts are linked, and configure your Merchant Center Feed.

Link Merchant Center Account

Click on the link icon next to Merchant Center Account.

Input your Merchant Center ID and select Country of Sale (your AdWords Customer ID should already be filled in from Step 2).

Click Save. If your accounts are linked a confirmation message will appear.
If you do not have a Merchant Center account see: Create a Merchant Center account.

If you are unsure how to link your AdWords and Merchant Center accounts see: Link Merchant Center and AdWords.

Google Merchant Center Feed

The Dynamic Creative software will create and keep up to date a Merchant Center feed for you. In order to do so, you need to map all of the categories in your website to the best category in the Google Shopping Taxonomy.

See mapping your Google Product Categories.

Dynamic Creative Ad Builder also features a product title optimiser allowing you to augment your titles to match more relevant searches in Google. This feature is optional, you can leave your product titles as they are if you wish.

See optimising your Google Shopping product titles.

Google Merchant Promotions Feed

Dynamic Creative Ad Builder will also create and update a Merchant Promotions feed, using the details from your website about what special offers are available. You just need to select which ones you want to advertise.

See selecting website promotions to advertise.

Once you have linked your Merchant Center account and mapped your google product categories, click the next button to proceed.