Step 3. Inventory

The Dynamic Creative software uses an XML feed of inventory data in order to build and maintain your Google AdWords campaigns. In this step you will connected Ad Builder to your website and review any errors that may exist in your feed.

Connecting Ad Builder to Your Website

There are two methods for connecting Ad Builder to your website:

Direct Integration: If your website uses a supported eCommerce platform you can connect your site via Direct Integration to build a feed automatically from your website data. 

Custom Feed: If your site is not built with one of our supported platforms, you will need to ask your web developer to build a custom feed for you that conforms to the Dynamic Creative schema (either retail or auto).

Direct Integration

To perform a direct integration with one of our supported platforms ensure Direct Integration has been selected, select your supported platform and click the Connect button to begin the integration.

For detailed steps on integrating your platform please select your platform from the list below:

Custom Feed Integration

If you are not on one of our supported platforms you will need to ask your web developer to build a custom feed for you that conforms to the Dynamic Creative schema (either  retail or auto).

Once you have created the feed, select Custom Feed and enter the URL at which the feed can be accessed, then click the Save button.

Reviewing Your Feed

Once your site is connected, Ad Builder will download and process your feed; the page will automatically refresh once this is done.

Fetching Your Feed

Once every 6 hours your Ad Build will fetch your feed from the Feed URL and compare all product data in the feed against your current Ad Builds inventory. Ad Builder will then reconcile any changes it finds in your feed so that your Ad Builds Inventory is up to date! You can also manually fetch your feed at any time by clicking the Fetch button on the Feed Status pane.

Clicking Fetch will not fetch your product data directly from your website. Fetching compares the product data stored at your feed URL address with the inventory of your current Ad Build.
  • If you have performed a direct integration, Ad Builder will keep your feed up to date automatically by processing all of your products on your website once every 24 hours and storing those products in an XML feed at the feed URL address.
  • If you have performed a custon feed integration, you will need to ensure the feed stored at your feed URL is up to date with your websites product data.

Configuring Your Feed (Direct Integration only)

If you performed a direct integration, you can edit your feed settings such as category selections and attribute mappings by clicking the Configure button. If you make any changes to your feed settings, you will need to re-process your feed by completing the Build Feed steps.

Feed Summary

The Feed Summary pane will display the currency of your current feed, the number of products and promotions that Ad Builder has extracted from your feed (promotions are only available to Direct Integration users). You can edit which currency you wish to use in your Ad Build by clicking Edit Currency and selecting your desired currency.

Category Rewrites (Search Builds Only): If you are doing a Search Ad Build you should perform category rewrites on your inventory by clicking Edit Categories. Category rewrites allow you to replace or vary your category names to better suit your ad For more information about this feature please see our guide on performing  Category Rewrites for Search Ads

Feed Errors

The Feed Errors pane lists any errors that were found in your feed. You should review any errors appearing on this screen. See  Inventory Feed Errors for more details.

Once your inventory is downloaded and you have confirmed there are no major issues, you can move to the next step.